Day 19

I got sick and tired of blending my juices, so in the last 3 days I have just eaten raw green salads. I have added three power foods to my raw food regimen. One is boiled eggs from my backyard chickens. Two, is walnuts. Three, avocados.  Granted, the eggs are cooked, which technically is a violation of the original deal I made with myself. But my body is thanking me. The walnuts and the avocados are amazing power foods.

I will continue this journey to day 28. One reason I stopped doing the blending every day was the expense. I was going to our local health food store every other day, spending money on organic apple juice and veggies, and then running out really fast because of the blending. Now, I am eating three green salads three times a day. I am hungrier doing it this way – but my body is adjusting to such a clean diet. I have lost 10 pounds which I am happy with. I am still gazing at the evening sun which is helping my cravings for cooked food dissipate.

This evening I loaded up my salad with greens, backyard tomatoes, one backyard boiled egg from my beloved chickens, walnuts, avocado pieces, raw sunflower seeds, and a sprinkling of extra virgin olive oil. It was a true power salad.

Okay, there’s my update.


Day 11….wow.

Day 11 of all raw veggies and fruits, blended and eaten, all the time.

Wow, I have had such an amazing transformation these past few days – mainly because of the sunlight I have been able to take directly into my mind and body. This has totally awakened my mind and body in ways I never imagined. I am so much more relaxed and at ease about this incredible raw journey. It seems like no big deal. I am very happy about how simple my life seems.

I am not doing this for 28 days – I am doing it for life!

For two whole days, I used only water as a base to blend my raw organic fruits and vegetables, and boy was it HARD! On day 6, I had that awful three hour stretch at work with no juice. A part of me – a big part, the part that loves to gorge out on food without any thought of the future – was really, really, REALLY MAD. It was liked I was trapped in a room with him. That lasted until around 11 am on the 7th day of this journey.

Soy milk

Within an hour of resuming the use of unsweetened, organic soy milk in my smoothies – I felt better. I don’t think I will survive without it.


On Friday morning, Jill and I got up and did some sungazing right when the sun came up. There is a lot of information on the internet about sungazing, but the general idea is that within an hour after sunrise or within an hour before sunset, you can gaze directly at the sun for 10 seconds (building up from there). Doing this stimulates the pineal gland and has a very powerful healing effect. Well, we did about 10 seconds, then came back inside. Couldn’t go back to sleep. The whole day, I felt a humming in my body, and I could inwardly see the sun in my forehead. IT really charged up my meditations for the day, and really made it much, MUCH easier to get through the day. Now, on day 8, I am feeling much more relaxed about making it.

I am shortening this fast to 28 days, mainly because I am traveling on the 30th day, and I would rather break my fast at home than on the road.

Boy have I been one cranky person for the past 4 hours. That is because, for lack of advanced planning, I was without any raw veggie or fruit juice for 3 hours, combined with getting in and out of the car in blistering hot temperatures.  On the way home I was s—c—r—e—a—m—i—n—g for nourishment. That 3 hours was a total marathon of sheer bare knuckling it.

But I made it.

And I am feeling better now.


Day 5 – insights

It’s day five, and I have made it so far. It’s 7:38 p.m. I have asked for spiritual help from Saints and Sages – something I never did before ( now why didn’t I think of that before?  haha...)

I took a long walk with my beautiful dog this morning, and saw clearly two realizations:

1. I am light – and light alone sustains me. I have heard this said by great Teachers, but I could really see this truth on my walk this morning. I could almost see and feel my being as vibrating light – and it is that light that charges my body to do the job of digestion. Yogananda said something like this: if food sustained the body, then you could stuff food in a dead person’s mouth, or put an iv in them and pump them full of mashed potatoes, and they would come back to life.  Then I imagined all my atoms and cells opening their little mouths – and light flooding into them directly.

2. All my problems in life – from a childhood drug addiction and teenage alcoholism – have their roots in addiction to food. I learned early that food could help bury painful experiences and feelings. I further realized that if I can heal that original food addiction from childhood – I could master so many other areas of my life.

3. I decided that I just don’t want to “grin and bear it” and “bare knuckle it” through the next 25 days. I want to completely thrive, succeed, prosper, and amaze myself about the changes that can take place in my mind, heart, emotions, body – from consuming all raw fruits and vegetables – blended and periodically eaten – for 30 straight days. This task seems insurmountable when I think of the whole block of 30 days – but I am making it one step, one moment, one day at a time.

Day 4 – clarity

I have made it to the end of day 4, and have decided on a few modifications.

I will cut out the apple juice and the soy milk in the smoothies, for the next 4 days. Then, for the 4 days after that, I will add in rice or soy milk and apple juice. One reason I am doing this is the expense. I can down a half gallon of soy milk in one day, and the organic apple juice is 10 bucks a gallon at my local health food store.

I thought about doing a 24 hour water fast every few days, but I am not ready to start that yet.

I am feeling excellent. I felt several periods of smooth mental clarity today – which I absolutely love. I love the clarity that I gain from juice fasting. Just absolutely love it. I want it all the time.

I will absolutely make it for the next thirty days. Absolutely. If my will gets weak, my resolve will get stronger. I decide my health – not my sense of taste and smell. For the next 30 days I will conquer and master the two senses of taste and smell. My inner core is stronger than the emotional need to eat in any one moment in time.

Oh… and also.. I got a lot of inspiration from watching “Fat, sick, and nearly dead” last night with my wife. It was a truly inspiring movie. The stories really stuck with me. It is about an Australian who toured across the USA drinking only raw green juice from fruits and vegetables for 60 days. During his drive across our country, he met a guy who was really heavy and nearly dead.  That guy did the same thing, and his story was nothing short of miraculous!

Here is the website connected with the movie.

Why am I doing this? Why go 30 days without solid, cooked food?

The purpose of this blog is to define my intentions – physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual/energetic – for going through this. I don’t just want to grit my teeth and bare it. I don’t want to just survive the next 30 days. I want to thrive. I have been thinking all morning long about what my purpose is for going on this raw veggie and fruit feast/fast.

Here is what I came up with so far. They are no listed in order of importance, just listed as they come to my mind:

1. I am doing this for my wife and family – as a prayer for their greatest good and health. May every pang of hunger be a prayer that reaches the ear of the Divine – for Jill, Sorin, Liam, Prasad, Sky, Amelie – and our pets: Emily, Hanu, Lakshmi, Zeke, Gaia, Forest, Meadow – and all our fowl. May this juice feast be a physical act of spiritual prayer for my own health and the health and vibrancy of my wife and children.

2. Parenting is brutal. I want to still be alive when my kids are grown so that Jill and I can enjoy ourselves – travel, hike, climb mountains, etc. Right now, I am overweight about 20 pounds. I have done research on the effect of that extra 20 pounds on men, and it is not good. Belly fat in men contains massive amounts of toxic chemicals. It is my intention to begin a process of cleansing and flushing out those toxins and regain a sense of buoyancy I felt in younger years. I have heard it said that we “go back in time 120 days for every day we juice feast/fast.” I want to be an extremely healthy, vibrant, fit, happy, joyous, energetic, light, strong and fabulous 60 year old. But it’s my choices I make at 44 that determines that. This next 29 days is that choice.

3. Emotional cleansing. Energetically underneath all these belly fat cells is my terror, my fear, my pain – all from still unresolved issues of abuse from my childhood. This one is big – because every time I get close to achieving a vibrancy in my body – the anger comes up to prevent further progress. So, I will be doing emotional process work during this period.

4. Spiritual/energetic. During this period, I will intensify my spiritual meditations, affirmations, etc. I will do my very best to manifest the feeling and vibration of divine love. I am using an affirmation that I plan on repeating thousands of times.