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Well, it is 8 p.m.

I made it.

Today was hard for me. Don’t know why. I have done this several times in my life, and day 1 has never been so difficult. It’s not like I was hungry. Just cranky.

I think I drank a whole gallon of blended, raw veggies and fruits: collards, spinach, apple, carrot, red cabbage,  kiwi, blueberry, mango — all blended in a standard blended with organic apple juice, soy milk, and water.

Tonight, I will have a frozen blueberry and strawberry smoothie as Jill and I watch our show.


I absolutely commit my mind, body, and soul to this cleansing process for the next 30 days

I will make it. My resolve is strong. My will is strong. I will blend, drink, and eat raw organic fruits and vegetables only for the next 30 days. Mostly blend and drink. Sometimes I will eat veggies (after all, they get “juiced” as I eat them!)

I will explore the mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of doing this for the next 30 days.

Just hope I feel better tomorrow.

I now commit to drink only blended, raw juice from organic fruits and vegetables for the next 30 days, beginning tomorrow.

I am excited to announce the beginning (renewal) of my hands on energy therapy practice in Lawrence, Kansas. I will be offering 30-45 minute sessions for the reduced price of $30.00 per session for a limited time. I am really ecstatic about this because my office has such an incredible vibe to it.  My local meditation group will be meditating there, and the place is set up really nice.


Reiki is a Japanese word that translates roughly as “Universal Life Force Energy.” It is a series of attunements to ancient sounds and symbols that help to focus, concentrate, and transmit healing cosmic energy for the benefit of the practitioner and the client. Sessions usually involve having the client lay down on a massage table, fully clothed, as relaxing music plays in the background. Then the practitioner gently places their hands on, or right above, certain body parts. With the practitioner’s loving intent, touch, and with the use of symbols — Universal Energy is communicated. Sessions usually last about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Reiki Energy is intelligent, going deep into the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies of the client to bring balance, healing, relaxation, well-being, and renewal. The most common experience is a state of total calm and relaxation that lasts for several days.

I have been trained to the master level of traditional Usui Reiki, as well as Karuna Reiki ™ The Karuna training I received took my Usui training to outer orbits of mind and body, and beyond. I received the training in the Spring of 2001 and it has stayed with me ever since.

Quantum Touch

QT is a system of using the breath and mind to move  energy through your hands to concentrate the energy. By combining the continuous movement of breath, the flow of  energy increases dramatically. First, I bought the book, Quantum Touch, which was really very thorough. It left nothing out. In 2008 I took a weekend training, and during one of the group sessions, I had such a profound spiritual experience that I will not even try and put it into words. It was amazing.

A quantum touch session is more focused, kind of like a laser beam. It can zoom in on specific, minute areas for long-term relief.

An in-person session

During a session, you would be laying on my energy therapy table, soaking in beautiful music, relaxing, as I transmit the energy for your greatest healing benefit.

A distance session

A session that is done “at a distance” can be done at a specific, agreed upon time where you can lay down, rest, and relax for around 30-45 minutes. We would speak on the phone first, to set our mutual intention that the energy flow. Then, you relax, and I transmit the energy. In quantum terms, on the deepest level of our atoms and deeper, there is no distance. Many have found distance healing sessions to be just as profound.

Did the giant cottonwood tree intend to get that big, or was it just open and willing?

Outside our home, up against the levy, next to the Kaw River, is a huge population of giant cottonwood trees. And now is the time of the year that it is literally snowing cottonwood seeds.

It is a meditation all by itself to sit and just watch them float, and drift, and lazily meander to the ground. There is literally no effort in their journey. They could travel for miles before they come to their final resting place in the warm embrace of the Earth. They don’t care. They are just happy to BE.

Yet, just like the great Buddha said, inside that seed is the giant cottonwood. It is already a reality. So what makes the difference?  What determines whether one particular seed will fall at just the right spot on the earth, be covered by the exact right amount of soil, be exposed to the right amount of water and light to germinate, sprout, grow, and become that giant cottonwood?

I think the very first ingredient for the future manifestation of the cottonwood tree is the carefree nature of the  seed. It first has to let go, and just float. Let the wind and the pull of the Mother carry it where it needs to go. Without that innate, total freedom, it would never land where it needs to.

I just did the very first coaching call of my new life coaching career, and it went extremely well. Thinking back on that session,  my mind goes to the mighty cottonwood tree.

Those seeds are like our many dreams, visions, intentions, aspirations – that which we are called upon to BE. Our beingness is within the seeds of all we dream to become. We have many potential outcomes and realities, all happening under the magnificent sky of our souls.

That which we allow to unfold is far more magnificent than anything we could ever plan to achieve. Yes, we have our visions, our clearly stated intentions, our aspirations, our goals… and we release them… and…



then what?

The journey between releasing the seed and witnessing the cottonwood is the subject of many thousands of books and seminars, classes, courses, teaching, techniques…

and most of it is a mystery.

A mystery of letting-go, action without strain, witnessing, meditating, flowing, acting on hunches, synchronicity, miracles, people coming together at the right place and the right time.

In closing, I would say that one ingredient in allowing the seeds of our intentions to become the cottonwoods of our reality — better than air — more nourishing than sunlight — more refreshing that water — more magical than luck…

is love.

After we envision them, release them, watch them dance and float to the ground with a smile on our faces, we need to find where they land…



and pour our greatest love into them.


I have decided to begin a journey of being a life coach and helping other people clarify, envision, manifest, heal, grow, accomplish, become, let-go, and BE the highest vision of who they are. I will bring in various disciplines that I have learned throughout the years, including: energy healing, reiki, quantum touch, emotional freedom techniques,  energy psychology, hypnotherapy, and any and all other things I can learn.

I want to begin this journey by energetically and intentionally helping someone else be, become, accomplish, manifest whatever it is they wish. What I would do, is get a clear statement about what it is they intend, and have it printed on a sheet of paper along with their photograph. Then, several times a day, I will use EFT and other modalities to “zoom in to oneness” and then feel, affirm, resonate, and mastermind that this is a reality for them, RIGHT NOW. In addition, I will send *distant* energy to them as well. I will be lending out my energy, my cells, my atoms — by vibrating the fulfillment of their intentions for them. Of course, this person will do the very same thing, several times a day.

Right now, I have a rough blueprint in my mind about how I will do this. For lack of a better term, I will call this “energetic masterminding.”

I would like to do this for 2 weeks. Then check in by phone or email every few days and see how things are shifting.

SO…. I will do this for the first person to contact me at danielskypeebles@gmail.com, for free. I just need a guinea pig, so to speak. I need someone who wants this extra, energetic support in realizing whatever it is that is calling to them.

If you are reading this, and you want to give this a try, let me know.

I am ecstatic to begin this incredible new journey!